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Project Design is important for a number of reasons that include effective advertising campaigns, signage, sales pitches to potential customers and businesses and the development of compelling presentations during meetings.

Assignment3 can assist you with the planning and implementation of your projects by producing effective content layouts and graph structures to get your ideas across to the public, other businesses and to your employees.

It is important, not only to structure your information in a clear and logical format, but to make it also easily readable and understandable too.

This is achieved by the process of identifying your aims, goals and expectations and other factors such as project budget, who your target audience is and of course, your design preferences.

In terms of developing signage, we are fully equipped to assist in the design of your corporate logo and create a sign that suits your specific needs.

Assignment3 has the expertise to offer you not only the development of your project, but offer after-sales services too.

Related products include Annual Presentations & Interior Design Concepts


  • Increase Campaign/Presentation Effectiveness
  • Visually Appealing
  • Easily Readable & Understandable
  • Generate Greater Interest & Sales