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Lightboxes represent the marriage between effective soft lighting and great signage. Whether you want your shopfront signage to stand out during the evening or want to showcase products while adding a little extra in-store lighting, a lightbox is the way to go.

There are generally two lighting systems that are used in a lightbox, fluorescent tubing or LEDs. Fluorescent tubing will provide a much brighter lighting solution and is great for outdoors which will require a little more electricity to run and slightly more maintenance than LEDs.

LEDs are a great option in terms of longevity and less need for maintenance. They are also well suited for indoor settings where soft, low heat-generating, lighting is needed.

Lightboxes are generally constructed from a durable Perspex composite based on your design specifications and then the lighting system is installed during the production process.

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  • Creates Visual Appeal
  • Signage Stands Out in Low-light Situations (e.g. Evenings)
  • Adds Soft-lighting to Interior Spaces