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LED Signage

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LED Signage is popular for two particular reasons. When used in conjunction with other materials to create shopfront signage, LEDs are known for their relatively low electricity usage and are long lasting, requiring less maintenance and upkeep than other signs that utilise lighting solutions. LED signage on its own is great as an in-store notice system.

If you’re looking for a “Green Friendly” business, one way to go about this is to use low-power lighting solutions, one of which is LED lighting. As an alternative to Fluorescent lighting, you will save a lot of money on your electricity bill and ensure longer lasting lights.

Pure LED signage for in-store use is popular as it can be utilised to broadcast messages to customers. These messages can be updated on-the-fly by either making changes to the PC interface if it is PC-controlled, or via the remote system if it uses a standalone remote control.

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  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Excellent In-store Announcement Broadcast Tool