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Key Rings can be a great promotional giveaway as it serves as a long-term branding tool for your customers and potential customers to your products and services. Like lanyards, key rings are popular as some people like to be self-made promoters of brands and flashy trinkets that appeal to their taste. Key rings with your corporate brand and a catch phrase or anecdote can do well to promote your business.

Depending on what methods of production you use, key rings can be relatively cheap to make and offer a fairly long duration of exposure for your brand. One thing to remember is that if a potential customer is using one of your branded key rings, they are carrying it around on a daily basis and create the potential to expose your brand to others, along with reminding themselves of your brand.

A transparent key made from injection-moulded Perspex can house a small double-sided card with all your contact details on one side, along with company brand and a catchy phrase on the other. These can be mass-produced and handed out to potential clients at an exhibition or tradeshow and given to customers as a complimentary “freebie” following a purchase at your store.

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  • Cost Effective
  • Brand Awareness
  • Long Term
  • Collateral Exposure Potential