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Fridge Magnets

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Fridge Magnets are those things that people simply love to pop on their refrigerators at home and there are two types in general, namely promotional fridge magnets and magnetic business cards.

Promotional fridge magnets are great for the short term if you are running a promotion over the next couple of months. Magnetic business cards are particularly effective when advertising a basic-service business such as carpet-cleaning, landscaping and plumbing for example.
As people tend to need those services relatively frequently, it’s far easier grabbing the contact details off their refrigerator magnet than searching through directory listings or having to Google the local service.

The biggest benefits of fridge magnets are that they can feature interesting, eye-catching and funny designs, enjoy longevity and of course act as a great means of passive advertising over the years.

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  • Great Passive Advertising
  • Long-term Exposure
  • Eye-catching