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Fabricated Perspex Lettering

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Fabricated Perspex Lettering is essentially the main component that is used to make 3D Lettering and Light-boxing signage. From concept to design, to manufacture, assembly and quality testing, fabricated Perspex lettering follows a long process by skilled workers that results in a high quality signage solution that will set you apart from your competition.

The initial stage generally involves an assessment of the client’s needs and a series of brand-oriented designs are compiled, from which the client decides on the most suitable option. Designers will then create a schematic of the various sections of the Perspex lettering that need to be cut out from larger sheets in the production facility.

Depending on the kind of design needed, it can either be done by hand if a less complicated design is required, or by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router for ultra-precise cutting of the shapes to be joined.

The Perspex cut-outs are then shaped, edges aligned and held in place by various tools while the skilled worker applies an ultra-strength epoxy to the edges, joining them permanently.

Front and rear sections are added, along with an internal lighting system too if the final product is a Light-box.
In skilled hands, Perspex is fairly pliable and can form various unique shapes and typographies. Various colours of Perspex are also available, allowing for a truly unique signage design.

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  • Customizability
  • Strong
  • Can Feature Internal Lighting (Light-box)
  • Visual Appeal
  • Strengthen Your Brand