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When displaying your products and services at a tradeshow, conference or expo, it is very important not only to show potential customers just how good your products and services are, but to make sure that your corporate brand is visible in more ways than one.

This can be achieved by using Event Branding signage options such as banners (roll-up banners, pull-up banner stands, spider banners and dolphin banners etc.), event posters, tradeshow displays and bunting flags.

The effectiveness in combining various branding display options at once is that you are maximising the use of your limited space as most tradeshows offer an area with specific dimensions from where you can create your display.

Posters will allow customers to view imagery of your brand and products from the front and side, as will banners, and hanging bunting flags across the top of your display area can draw attention from a distance.

Related products include Bunting Flags, Dolphin Banners, Outdoor Banners, Roll-up Banners & Spider Banners


  • Brand Awareness
  • Enhances Promotions
  • High Visibility