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3D/Box Lettering

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3D Lettering is characterised by adding a noticeable depth to your signage. More often than not, 3D Lettered Signage is also accompanied by an internal-lighting system which effectively transforms it into, what we call in the business, a Light-box.

When attempting to stand out from your competitors, especially in a tight retail market, one way to do this is by using a uniquely designed 3D lettering signage solution.

The general materials that are generally used are Perspex and Aluminium. If you wish for your 3D sign to feature the maximum amount of illumination then your sign will comprise solely of Perspex as it is light-permeable. Aluminium is used in conjunction with Perspex, either to achieve an attractive trimming of polished aluminium, or as a means to direct or limit the illumination of the internal lighting.

Depending on the typography and style of your required lettering, the Perspex is professionally shaped and the edges are permanently sealed. The lighting system is installed towards the end of the production process, tested, and then the rear is sealed.

The aluminium and Perspex materials are highly customizable, with a range of Perspex colours and thicknesses to choose from, along with a range of thicknesses and finishes of Aluminium sheeting at your disposal.

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  • Creates Visual Depth
  • Effective Day and Night Signage
  • Enhances Your Competitive Advantage
  • Highly Customizable